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    Take control of you own bike by learning how to install/replace wearable parts, decipher and fix those annoying clicks and creaks here!

    Your pathway from backyard mechanic to pro level

    Take control of you own bike by learning how to install/replace wearable parts, decipher and fix those annoying clicks and creaks, all here step by step.

    Soon you'll find the following tutorials in this section


    • Brake adjusting & identifying issues 
      We've all been there before, pulling on the brakes and hearing a high pitched howling scream, like the inevitable pack of wolves are almost upon you... Only to have the embarrassment /frustration that it's you, it's your brakes but why? This module will run you through things like the importance of setup for functionality and safety, different compounds when looking at stopping power. We'll talk about heat and why it's so important to have the right pads for your wheels, especially when it comes to carbon rims and what can happen if not changed regularly. And yes, i'll show you how to stop those screaming wolves too! haha
    • Disc brake pad install & cleaning 
      For a few years now, the larger bike brand manufactures have not produced a road bike with rim brakes and there's a very good reason why! This module will run you through all the benefits mountain bikers have enjoyed for years with, better modulation, confident stopping power, wheel longevity to just name a few. We'll touch on compounds for stopping power, longevity, heat identification/colour meanings and different oil properties. How to find out if your pads are worn and the procedure in replacing them the right way, with correct tools/products. Most importantly i'll show you the most overlooked subject in the industry, brake pad bedding in process for new bikes/fresh pads and why it's so important to do it properly.


    • Gear adjusting & identifying issues 
      So many different functionalities, models and brands on the market, so where do we start... Let's start with the simplest and most common entry level derailleurs, found on a majority of commuter bikes today. Just like training up all our new workshop staff, we'll start you off on the basic functionality of a shimano front and rear derailleur. We'll teach you what all the screws do, the correct setting up procedures from start to finish. We'll touch on issues you might encounter when out riding and what to do if the bikes been knocked over and bent the hanger. How to maintain your bike when keeping it clean and what products/tools you may need. Differentiate all the weird and wonderful noises that drivetrains make and see what's normal, what's not and why it occurs.

    Chain & Cassette installation

    • Installation & identifying issues 
      Boom! The next level of becoming a Pro Mechanic starts right here. This is where a lot of people first start and it's a fantastic way to understand, the basic drivetrain functionality of pretty much what keeps you upright and moving forward. We'll explain the importance of keeping your drivetrain clean, preventative maintenance, identifying chain and cassette wear with the right tools/products to do the job. I'll touch on ratios when choosing new cassettes in conjunction with chainring sizes and what it all translates to on the road/trail. The best advice i can give to you is this, get yourself a Park Tool chain checker here and start saving money/managing your own bike!

    Wheel truing 

    • Replacing a spoke & wheel truing  
      Forgetting to move your kids bike before reversing over the wheels, turning what used to be your daughters, pink powered, tassel flowing, princess castle dream machine into.. A mexican taco condiment! What now? Yeah sure, that's probably not your situation but interestingly enough we do see quite a few customers walking in doing just that. So how do you fix it or how do you know if it's even worth saving? I'll run through the complex world of wheels to help you better understand the basics of what keeps them straight, round, dished and trued. I'll show you how to measure spokes and nipples, differences in gauge sizes and spoke types. I'll guide you through replacing a spoke by using basic tools and your own bike at home. In the Pro Classes we'll have a 'how to' in building a wheel from scratch but at least for now you'll get a better understanding on the processes of replacing a spoke.

    Wrapping Handlebar tape 

    • Installing handlebar tape on drop-bar bikes
      The competitive boasting amongst all pro mechanics is how good you can wrap bar tape, even down to mm of presion! I'll give you the confidence needed with step by steps in doing it the right way, so it doesn't come off or unravvel on you. I'll show you tips/tricks, different compounds and materials and how it will affect the wrapping process and rider feel. Feel proud about wrapping your own bars! Best part about this video tutorial, is that you can re-play it over and over again and no one will know.  

    Tubeless set-up for Road and Mountainbikes

    • Setting up tubeless & why you need it? 
      Now that you've been riding for a little bit and understand the basics, you want to learn more about tubeless. What is it, what it does and how hard is it to set up? These questions will all be answered here, while explaining the benefits of changing over from tubes and going tubeless on the trails. I'll run through the installation process, different rims and tyres on the market, sealants, maintenance and what tools you may need, so you don't cover you and your garage in sticky tubeless sealant. Cursing all the viking gods and banishing it over the neighbors fence in a defeated frustration is not the way to go... Do yourself a favour and watch this first! 

    SRAM AXS installation and set-up 

    • SRAM AXS installation guide 
      One of leading brands on the market just got an advancement in technology, with more magical wizardry then a Transformer! This module is all about the new Sram AXS and its technology advancements. I'll show you step by step the correct installation process with all the functionality tools available. This tutorial will be crossing over throughout the duration, from road to mtb as they both intertwine with each other. Welcome to the most powerful/simplicity that is Sram wireless actuation. The future is here! 

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    Coming soon are the below modules:

    • Explanation on greases & lubricants
    • Explanation on finding/using correct tools 
    • Explanation on different types of bearings 
    • Explanation on bolts & pitch types 
    • How to find technical drawings and exploded views 
    • Explanation on the Sram AXS app 
    • Explanation on Shimano e-tube app
    • Explanation on Specialized turbo studio app
    • Explanation on Rocky Mountain e-bike app

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