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The Dark Art Of Suspension is unlocked here! The more informed you are about your suspension the better attuned you will be to have it set correctly and serviced more regularly.

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    Service Menu

    Preventative maintenance is a must with all suspension systems, inside we'll explain on how often this should be done. Our Super fast turnaround times are all aimed at getting you back on the trails, riding smoother & faster before you know it!

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    Service Tutorial Videos

    Microwave the popcorn, put on the kettle and slip into your comfy pants, it's tutorial time! Easy to follow step by step tutorials, have been selected for you to understand, learn and even perform all from the comfort/convenience of your own home.

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  • Suspension Setup Guides & Product Finder

    Suspension Setup Guides & Product Finder

    The correct suspension setup procedures for both Sram and Rockshox can be found here. Sram Trailhead & Fox Run The Numbers are the go to links for knowing what model fork you have, when trying to find spare or upgradable parts.

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The Dark Art of Suspension is unlocked!

Come with us and we'll help you unlock all the mysteries that have surrounded suspension for years. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from our customers when it comes to all things suspension.

  • Do I have to service them and Why?
  • How often should I service them?
  • What does suspension really do? And should they be set up professionally?
  • How can I myself help prevent big bills and extend the longevity of my suspension?

At bikeNOW we’re strong believers that knowledge is power, the more informed you are about your suspension the better attuned you will be to have it set correctly! Through these videos, we’ll help you understand why you should have your suspension serviced, how the service process is done, preventive maintenance tips and deciphering technical issues you may be experiencing.

The importance of a properly tuned suspension system with the exact psi and damper settings, will not only allow you to take your skills to the next level but it will give you that immense confidence, to smoothen out any unknown trail ahead! Through informative information along with step by step videos, this page will help you better understand what has long been a dark art and unlock those mysteries. Sure for most people you are happy to leave it to the profionals when it comes to the servicing but watching the videos, will give you such a greater understanding to what's going on with your own parts.

Our highly skilled mechanics have over 36 years of experience between them, when it comes to working on suspension. They’re all up to date with the latest in product and technical knowledge for Sram and Fox, with all the latest Wiz Bang equipment you can think of. Soon to come to that selection of tools will be our very own in house Nitrogen system!

What brands do we service in house?

For what we stock in house when it comes to spare parts and consumables, we only service Fox and RockShox suspension.

Turnaround time: For 50 hour to 100 hour service on Fox or RockShox suspension in store is - same day of your booking.

You have another brand of fork that’s not Rockshox or Fox? 

That’s all good too, we can assess and give an estimate before sending them away. This whole process can take up to - 5 to 10 working days, depending on the season.


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