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    eBike Wet Lube 50ml

    Muc-Off eBike Wet Lube 50ml


    • eBike Wet Lube 50ml
      • eBike Wet Lube 50ml
      • eBike Wet Lube 50ml
      • eBike Wet Lube 50ml


      eBike Wet Lube 50ml


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      Product description

      A proprietary ceramic formulation containing integral Boron Nitride compounds for low friction in wet and harsh conditions. Formulated with our unique eBike specific lubricity pack to handle the higher torque loads of an eBike drivetrain. Ideal for: Chains, cables, shifters, derailleurs & pedals.

    • Specifically designed for the hi-torque loads applied to an eBike chain.
    • Creates a ceramic coating for incredible durability and long distance performance
    • Contains Boron Nitride compounds
    • Ceramic compounds provide ultra-low friction for excellent efficiency
    • Waterproof - excels in wet conditions
    • Readily biodegradable
    • Ideal for road and off-road
    • Integral UV tracer dye - aids accurate application to ensure total protection.
    • HOW TO USE

    • Fully degrease and dry chain.
    • Shake bottle vigorously and apply lube ensuring every part of the chain is treated.
    • Ideally apply 3-4 hours before your ride.
    • Wipe off excess with a cloth.
    • Avoid contact with brakes.
    • Store in a cool dry place.
    • FAQ

    • WHAT DO THE HIGH TORQUE LOADS ON AN E-BIKE DO TO CHAIN AND HOW DOES THE LUBE COMBAT THIS?The high torque loads on an e-bike will wear down the chain much quicker than on a normal bike due to the increased and instant surges in power from the motor. This puts more strain through the chain and chain rings which will lead to higher friction from more metal to metal contact, which will lease to wear, if the correct lube isn‚Äôt used. Our e-bike Lubes were developed to combat this with their unique blend of synthetic oils, a high level of bespoke additives and Boron Nitride which mean they will last longer and reduce friction across the drivetrain, even under the increased loads.
    • IF THERE IS INCREASED WEAR ON THE E-BIKE CHAIN DOES USING THE EBIKE LUBE MAKE THE CHAIN WEAR THE SAME AS ON A NORMAL NONE-BIKE?Using our e-bike lubes will help to dramatically reduce fiction while riding and will keep the chain running smoother for much longer than a traditional lube, however there will always be higher stresses on the chain due to the power assisted motor reducing the life of any chain more so than on a normal bike.
    • IS THE LUBRICATION INTERVAL THE SAME AS A NORMAL BIKE?We would recommend cleaning and re-lubing your e-bike chain more often, as often as you can‚Ķafter each ride if possible. Doing this will prolong the life of your chain and other drivetrain components which can be costly to repair.
    • WHAT IS BORON NITIRIDE, WHAT DOES IT DO?Boron Nitride is an advanced particle which is present in our lube. It offers increased levels of durability and wear resistance as well as excellent lubrication properties. It forms a stable tribofilm, which is important to achieve improved tribological performance needed from an ebike specific lube.
    • WHAT‚ÄôS THE EBIKE ADDITIVE PACK?The ebike additive pack is the name we gave to the extra high levels of ‚Äòextreme pressure additives‚Äô which we have added to our ebike lubes to decrease wear, even under the higher torque loads of an ebike drive system. These help to provide increased wear protection on all treated parts.
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