Service Intervals Guide

The Weekend Rider - Q: I ride once a week, clean and maintain my bike. What would you suggest?

We would suggest to bring the bike in every 6 months for us to view and get a Basic service and an Expert service over a 12 month period.

The Commuter - Q: I commute 25 km a day, 5 days a week throughout the year and i don’t maintain my bike. What would you suggest?

All season riding through the rain, hail and shine collects road grit and grime and is super aggressive on your bike components. It's like having fine liquid sandpaper wearing out the components, such as the drivetrain, brake pads and bearings. Water left on your bike will cause rust and oxidizing. This adds up to roughly 6500 km a year of riding, so we would suggest a service every 3-4 months with a minimum of 2 expert services and 1 basic service.

The Road Racer - Q: I ride 300-400 km a week on my road bike, race once a week and don't keep up with maintenance as much as I should. What would you suggest?

Given the amount of km you do at roughly 21,000km a year. We would suggest to get a minimum of 3 Expert services and 1 Pro service annually, spaced at every 3 months. It's all about preventative maintenance, for a cleaned and lubed chain you'll get roughly about 2000 to 3000 km on a road bike before having to change to a new one, If you go over this, you risk wearing other more expensive parts.

Why is it important to maintain your bike? What are the key signs in knowing when to get a service?

There are a few main reasons why you need to bring your bike in for service. • Something has broken. • The bike is not functioning properly with issues like the following; gears are jumping/slipping, brakes are noisy and slow to stop, cranks creaking. • I just want to make sure its safe and well looked after, no real issues. The key words behind having a safe and functioning bike are ''Preventative maintenance'' Regular preventative maintenance can ensure the longevity of the bike and all your running gear as well as keeping your bike safe and in good rideable condition. It can also save you a lot of money in the long term for something that could have been avoided with just having regular servicing.

What other potential service items need to look at annually?

Hydraulic Brakes If you have hydraulic fluid in your brakes and ride a lot, we suggest flushing the fluid out once a year. Brake fluids are hydroscopic and attract moisture. This is what creates air bubbles inside your system and can causes all sorts of issues when heated. Chain and cassette Chain and cassette wear is usually a good indication that there are more things on your bike that will need attention. We suggest getting a Chain checker from ParkTool in-store (part number #CC-3.2) and letting one of our friendly staff explain how it works. Yet again, Preventative maintenance is the key.


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