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Getting the ride data you need shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg, and that's why we created the SpeedZone Sport Wireless cycling computer. It has all of the pertinent features you need for your ride, all in one sleek and intuitive design.

In terms of functionality, you'll find that it displays more than just the basics. On display are vital metrics, like speed, max & average speed, odometer, and trip meter. Even better, it has an auto-wake/auto-timer function that doesn't require you to fumble through a bunch of buttons to get your data. And lastly, its display makes the digits larger than average, so you'll have easy sight of all your metrics.

Specialized SpeedZone Sport Wireless

    • Easy set-up programming for simple installation
    • Automatic functions create an extremely intuitive interface
    • Auto-wake and auto-timer: no need to push a button to start/stop the computer
    • Speed, maximum speed, average speed
    • Odometer, trip meter
    • Speed comparator, low-battery indicator
    • Small in size, yet big digits for easy viewing
    • Black - 4811-1350
    • White - 4811-1360


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