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PURE Electrolyte Hydration is a premium natural electrolyte drink base using real freeze dried fruit, carbohydrates and electrolytes.  It has been scientifically formulated for use during sport & exercise.  

PURE Electrolyte Hydration contains no added preservatives, colours or anti-clumping agents.

When you open a bag of PURE Electrolyte Hydration the first thing you'll notice is the amazing smell of fresh fruit. Made from real freeze-dried fruit powder, when you add water you can actually see the real fruit particles in your drink bottle.

PURE Electrolyte Hydration 500g Pouch

    • Contains the electrolytes, sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium
    • 5% carbohydrate content
    • Each resealable pouch makes 9 litres
    • Not sickly sweet or over flavoured
    • Made in New Zealand
  • PURE Electrolyte Hydration is best used when exercising over one hour or short high-intensity exercise. It provides fluids, electrolytes and energy.

    • Each scoop when mixed with water makes 250ml of isotonic sports drink.
    • We recommend drinking 500ml – 750ml per hour during extended exercise.
    • Consume drink within 12 hours of mixing with water.


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