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Tight frame clearance?  Sick of fiddly bottle cages?  Just love magnets? Want your bike to look clean while still having the option of running a bottle cage? The Fidlock Twist is for you!

By taking away the inevitable bulk of a bottle cage, and having the receivers built inboard to the bottle, Fidlock have been able to bring the bottle almost flush with the frame so it won't interfere with your shock or other intrusive frame aspects when you're trying to store a water bottle on the bike.

Simply hold the bottle near the magnetic holder, and it will snap firmly into place.  To remove, twist it away from the holder and it will come free. As the bottle can only be disengaged in a twisting motion it's impossible for the bottle to get ejected on even the roughest descents. 

The 450ml bottle installed is 90mm tall and 165mm long

What in the box?

  • Fidlock Twist bottle with Gravity Kit Installed (also available separately)
  • Fidlock Twist Bike Base Mount
  • Two mounting screws

    Fidlock Twist Bottle Set



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