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The Blinder ROAD R70 is the rear bike light for the discerning rider. With side illumination, dual and constant flash modes, and super power, you won’t find another bike taillight with as much brains and beauty. 

Coming with interchageable straps (for standard and aero seat post designs) & outputting 70 lumens of light, the Blinder ROAD R70 has got your back, wherever you ride, day or night.

Knog Blinder Road R70

SKU: KN11756
    • LENS : Collimated optics.

    • CONSTANT BRIGHT TECH : Maintains consistent brightness throughout run-time.

    • INTEGRATED USB PLUG : Designed to be exposed to the elements, 100% waterproof. 

    • THERMAL MANAGEMENT : Automatically regulates the light output for optimum performance.

    • BIKE ATTACHMENT : 3x interchangeable straps for post diameters measuring 22-32mm+ & AERO POST COMPATIBLE

    • MATERIALS : Polycarbonate housing and PMMA Lens. Hard-anodised aluminium fascia. UV-Resistant silicone. 

    • BATTERY : USB Rechargeable Lithium Polymer

    • ACCESSORIES INCLUDED: Interchangeable straps for rear light, USB charge cable.

    • KN11756


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