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This Pro Service takes the selection hassle out of the equation for that premium quality bike, with the most extensive and detailed service we have to offer. We've got you covered on this one!

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Product description

Who is this service for?

Typically with expensive bikes they come with expertly crafted components, these components are not like others out there on the market these require precision tools and highly skilled hands to use them. The key to owning a higher end dream bike is ‘Preventative Maintenance’, these components are not throw away items and just like automotive brands Mercedes and Porsche, they require regular tuning and servicing. Our mechanics take their job very seriously in having the most up to date product, mechanical training and knowledge, while delivering quality workmanship on your bike.

They start by disassembling all components from the bike, we then wash and inspect the frame, wheels & fork for any damage or degradation. With a good soak and scrub of all your drivetrain parts, headset, bottom bracket, hub bearings in our eco friendly, NON solvent parts washer, they are then inspected, lubed, greased and torqued back onto your bike. We tune gears, brakes, true both wheels to the correct recommended tension by using our tensiometer tool, then polish everything to the point of being brand new again, ready for many many more years of enjoyment!

Provided the service is pre-booked with us, the typical turnaround time for an Pro Service is 1 day. It will take a mechanic approximately 3.5-4 hours to perform this service.

What is included?

An Pro Service at bikeNOW includes the following

  • Full safety inspection
  • Eco-Safe bike clean and polish
  • Full Eco-Safe degrease of drivetrain
  • Tighten all bolts to specification
  • Gear adjustment front and rear
  • Lubricate shift and brake cables
  • Installation of gear and brake cables 
  • Firmware upgrade on Di2 and eTap equipped bikes
  • Brake adjustment front and rear
  • Brake bleeding/flush front and rear 
  • Lubricate chain and derailleur pivots *)
  • Hub overhaul
  • Headset overhaul
  • Bottom bracket overhaul
  • Wheel true front and rear
  • Inflation of tires *)
  • Installation of fresh bar tape
  • Something you wouldn't expect from other stores
  • Test ride to ensure proper function

As with every service you will receive a bikeNOW Aftercare envelope, which explains in some easy steps how to look after your bike between rides. This will ensure you get the most out of this service and your bike. The mechanic will also explain the work conducted and point out anything that might need attention in future.

*) Should you have any preference when it comes to the set up of your bike or the product to be used (e.g. dry or wet lube) please let us know. Our team will be happy to accommodate.

Here's A Helpful Service Selection Tip!

Chain Checking

To help you know when it's time for a service and what to select, here is a must have tool for your own collection. Park Tool Chain Checker CC-4 click here.
A helpful 'how to video' in determining chain wear, will guide you through the effects it has on your bike and when you should be replacing it.
*Due to the nature of e-bikes and the amount of torque put through your drivetrain, we suggest in checking your chain every month as they'll wear quicker than a conventional bike.
Wearing at .5: At bare-Minimum a Basic Service is needed here providing no other issues are present. Otherwise an Expert or E-bike Service will help maintain optimal functionality while keeping it pristinely clean.
Worn at .75: It's definitely time for either a Expert, E-bike or a Pro Service and to arrange it as soon as possible. Expect that you'll need to replace some wearable parts within these services, from general use.

Don’t know if this is the right service for you?

Please feel free to contact the workshop team at +61 3 96968588 or simply message us through our webchat here. We’re happy to help!

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0 stars based on 0 reviews Create your own review

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