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Getting more people on bikes through education. At bikeNOW, we deliver skill sessions, corporate events and training schools for all levels.

  • School Programs

    School Programs

    Start them young! We deliver custom tailored cycling programs to Victoria's leading schools as part of their Outdoor Education syllabus.

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  • Corporate Events

    Corporate Events

    Our programs are designed for companies that want to not only communicate a positive environmental message but also nurture a healthy, happy, productive team.

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  • Trailer & Equipment Rental

    Trailer & Equipment Rental

    We have one of Australia's biggest bike rental fleets available to cater for any style of event. Rent trailers and other equipment to support the delivery of your program.

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Why bikes?

At bikeNOW, we don’t only love riding bikes, we also love to share our passion with you. Cycling is not only a fun way to improve your health, but statistically, it is becoming apparent that ‘The Fountain of Youth’ might have two wheels.

“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike” – John F Kennedy.

Cycling plays a major roll in the future of our cities as effective form of transport. With increasing consideration for the environment and congestion, cycling is a golden key however, the greatest benefit is to our mental and physical health. Our mandate it to not only educate our younger generation to cycling safe but motivate people of all ages choose cycling more often.

Delivering quality education since 1995

bikeNOW has been delivering skill sessions, corporate events and training schools to government as well public and private institutions since 1995. Some of our happy and successful clients include Victoria Police, Cycling Australia and Melbourne Grammar. In fact, the Outdoor Recreation Activity Standards (ORCA) were originally developed and delivered through Latrobe Uni by bikeNOW.

Our guides are not only expert riders, they are also friendly and effective educators with a great deal of experience developing and delivering an event tailored to suit the ability and outcomes of your group. Wherever you are.

In partnership with our strong network of brands, we ensure you have high quality, current model and well maintained bikes at your disposal. Our comprehensive fleet includes road, mountain and urban bikes as well as a great selection of e-bikes. We also have our own bicycle transport trailers, which means we can deliver to your event to help facilitate complex logistics.

Program overview

Our tours begin with a thorough introduction with a focus on improving skills and reducing risk, we finish each event with people looking forward to their next bike ride. In addition to the core training, we offer modules to cover any of your targeted learning outcomes. From policing to team building, there are so many to choose from:

  • Policing
  • Team building – managing a group
  • Health and exercise
  • Nutrition (e.g. cooking classes on multi-day camps)
  • Energy systems, human movement
  • Workshop classes and bike technology
  • Physics in real application including ratios, power and grip
  • Mapping terrain and GPS technology
  • Traffic and how to ride/navigate in an urban environment
  • Active transport – planning and delivering a trip on multiple transport platforms
  • Riding in the Peloton (road groups)
  • Boot camp to challenge even the fittest
  • History
  • Environmental Management

Our activities can operate within in the school grounds to make planning easy to a multi-day point to point adventure in the wilderness to really immerse the group in a life changing experience.

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