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Service Intervals

Service Intervals Guide

How often should you service your bike?

The Weekend Rider Q: I ride once a week, clean and maintain my bike. What would you suggest? A: We would suggest to bring the bike in every ...

Suspension Service Intervals

To best maintain the performance and durability of your product under normal use, FOX recommends that you have a regular fork and shock...

Aftercare Guide

E-Bike Maintenance & Care

What should I consider when cleaning my e-Bike? • The most important rule is not to wash your e-Bikes with a high-pressure washer. This could...

Suspension Maintenance Guide

Following these simple steps after every couple of rides will increase the lifetime of your suspension as well as allowing you to get the most out of ...

Suspension Setup Guide

WHAT IS SAG? For your suspension to work at its best it should be able to respond to the contours of the trail. The suspension needs to be able to compress with a bump or extend when going off a drop ...

Mac-Off "HOW TO" Guide

How to PROTECT / LUBE / CLEAN your bike?

How to maintain my e-bike?


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