Our Green 3-day tour is the shortest Great Ocean Road experience.  In just a few days you will ride the best section of the Great Ocean Road, ride through the rainforest of the Otway Ranges and visit the surf capital of the world.

If your Great Ocean Road tour expectation includes the 12 Apostle’s and Loch Ard Gorge check out our red and black Tours.

Stage 1. Colac – Apollo Bay

Your tour starts by catching the V-line train from Southern Cross station in Melbourne through Geelong and on to the small country town of Colac.  There is also the option of taking a bus from your hotel for vehicle-supported rides. You will need to pre-book a seat for you and a space for your bike in case the train is full, otherwise they may not be able to accommodate you.


Rail Cost: Approx $30-40AUD 
Time: Just a bit under 3 hours
How to book your ticket:


After you arrive at Colac station and collect your bike you may like a snack before you start riding. You will have other opportunities for food in the towns of Gellibrand (28km mark) and Ferguson (40km mark). 
Today’s ride starts with a relatively flat ride through farmland before we climb to Ferguson (40km in) situated on top of the Otway Ranges.  From Ferguson, we ride through rolling hills along the ridge road through the pristine rainforest on a little seasonal road called “Turton’s Track”  reaching the 60km mark before rolling down to Skenes Creek enjoying magnificent coastal views before a short ride into Apollo Bay. A fairly challenging day if you consider the travel time from Melbourne, so it’s best to start early.

The option for non-riding participants (designed for vehicle-supported rides): Today we visit small villages where you can sample and purchase local produce and conserves, but the main attraction is a visit to one of the 2 Trees Top Adventure Parks in the Otway rainforest. There are various different activities for all ages and abilities.

Colac - Apollo Bay

Stage 2 Apollo Bay - Anglesea

Today we enjoy the most spectacular coastal scenery as we ride along the rugged coastline that has made the Great Ocean Road Famous. You will have time to regularly stop for refreshments at coastal towns along the route and to take photos as you get to fully appreciate the stunning scenery and learn the history not only of the construction of the road after WW11, but the ill-fated journey of some of the 200+ shipwrecks along the coast during the settlement of Australia. Traffic is generally slow as drivers appreciate the stunning views along the winding Great Ocean Road, and most of the road has a wide shoulder for cycling safely. Please excuse the occasional idiot who wants to test the maximum speed of his motor bike though! 

There are no major climbs todays but don’t be fooled, all the small rolling hills add up. This section of the road is best travelled on weekdays as the weekends can be busy with a significant number of tourists generally travelling after 10am.

The option for non-riding participants (designed for vehicle supported rides): 
We make time for Beach play, exploring coastal villages and the unique Anglesea Kangaroo Tour. On arrival at Anglesea there are ample places to play in the warmer water of the shallows of the inlet or partake in various activities with boat hire companies before we take the opportunity to visit the local golf course - not for the fairways, but to get up close to the 200+ Kangaroo population that live within the grounds.

Anglesea Kangaroo experience

Apollo Bay - Torquay

Stage 3 Anglesea – Geelong / Portarlington

After a challenging little climb out of Anglesea en-route to Torquay you have an option to bypass the highway to visit Bells Beach. As a local we have to be clear why it is not a standard location on our itinerary. The roads to access Bells Beach are narrow and hilly, during our Australian Autumn, Bells Beach is centre stage to the international surf fraternity with a perfect surf break and huge waves, but most of the time it is an anti-climax and is also nothing like the movie ‘Point Break’. 

After Torquay, you continue to Barwon Heads for morning tea/lunch and then onto the bike path. If you are self-guiding and depending on the ferry timetables, we have provided 2 choices home to Melbourne, the preferred ferry from Portarlington or the option of a Train from Geelong if the timetable does not suit.

The shorter green tour bypasses Queenscliff which is a port town at the mouth of the heads to Port Phillip Bay, you can add a few km’s and loop around or perhaps consider the Blue or Yellow tour.

Non-riding participant highlights today (supported tours): 
Shopping at Torquay at the factory outlets and the origin of global brands like Ripcurl, Billabong and Quicksilver, exploring Barwon Heads and a vehicle trip forward to the historic coastal town of Queenscliff and its interesting history or a little shopping. 

There is also a historic railway that may be of interest depending on your timing and tour format.

Anglesea - Portalington


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