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Bicycle Smart Rear Light

Cliq Bicycle Smart Rear Light

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The Reliable Light You've Been Waiting For. Ultrabright LEDs and drone technology protect you in day, night, rain, snow, and fog. The smartest, brightest tail-light ever created.

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The Cliq Smart USB Rear Light is an ultrabright LED with optimised visbility and drone technology to help keep you safe. The total internal reflection lenses (TIR) and Osram LEDs are used in planes and cars so they shine bright like no other light to help keep you safe in the saddle. Cliq's own app lets you create your own blinking pattern for a customised ride, however this is much more than a gimmick, customising your light guarantees you stand out. The Smart AI ensures that the light knows when you brake so that a brake light is triggered so that you're ready for anything on the bike. This light really is a cut above the rest, with next level visibility and a brake light to make you stand out from the pack.

  • As Bright As the Sun
    Many countries require daytime running lights (DRL) on vehicles because it drastically reduces accident rates. Cliq gives your cycling session the same protection.
  • Optimized Visibility
    Threats on the road don't always come from the rear. Generic tail-lights have a single LED that exposes you to dangerous side-collisions. Cliq has three LEDs that are brightly visible from both the rear and sides.
  • Easily Configurable
    Your riding route and weather are unique. Customize when and how your LED glows. Turn those flashes up if you're dealing with summer fog. Keep your light steady if it's a dry desert night.
  • Light Modes for Every Weather
    You might want to ride your bike in the starry night or foggy afternoon, and you even might want to ride in the middle of the rain. Different environments require different lights. Play around with Cliq to find the optimal pattern combinations for your favorite riding routes.
  • Rough and Ready
    Cycling is a part of your life. Drizzle, hail, or storm... you keep riding. Cliq’s ultrabright light protects you no matter the terrain or weather. A dustproof and watertight case gives you a lifetime of safe riding.
  • Drone Powered Brake
    Cliq’s smart AI automatically knows when you brake, and then triggers a brake light to protect you from vehicles behind you. No matter the weather, speed, or if you’re going uphill or downhill, Cliq watches your back.

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